Oral health and pregnant women

Taking care of the mouth is an important part of a healthy pregnancy.

Studies have shown that early intervention is key in preventing tooth decay. In order to prevent tooth decay in baby teeth, involvement and education must take place before the first cavity develops. One effective strategy is to work with both expectant mothers and young infants. The Division of Oral Health at the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control has developed materials and training that can be used within medical and dental settings to support the oral health needs of pregnant women. Oral Health Care for Pregnant Women contains clinical recommendations for providers. For information on provider training, contact Mary Kenyon Jones, kenyonm@dhec.sc.gov.

Some important reminders for pregnant women:

  • Taking care of teeth when pregnant is important!
  • An unhealthy mouth can affect and impact your unborn child.
  • It is SAFE to visit the dentist while pregnant. Going to the dentist can help a mother have a healthy baby.
  • Expectant mothers should tell the dental staff they are pregnant and tell them the due date.
  • Pregnant women should tell their doctor if they need help getting dental care or if they are experiencing dental problems.
  • Get treatment if needed. The dental staff will know how to provide safe treatment that will not harm a mother or their baby

Read the following document for more information on taking care of the mouth Before, During and After Pregnancy.

Oral Health Before During and After Pregnancy video.

Oral Health Before During and After Pregnancy video (spanish).

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